Monochrome indoor recycle bins

Powder-coated mild steel unit with hinged top lid, and internal bag holders for each compartment
Price includes waste names in Cut-out Lettering.

Waste Branding and Corporate Branding on front and top, additional Corporate logos and full front branding
possible at additional cost.

Select from our wide range of waste names and icons for your front vinyl, to suit your specific requirements.

Available in silver, white or black

4-compart. 1250 x 350 x 820mm H
3-compart. 950 x 345 x 800mm H
2-compart. 650 x 345 x 820 mm H
1-compart. 320 x 345 x 820 mm H

Half-way Front Branding + Full Lid

Full Front Branding (Lid has cut-out lettering)

Add-on Corporate Logo on front